TRY NOT TO SCHEDULE VACATIONS AT THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS. These two holidays bring our biggest volume and are great opportunities for you to make extra money.  Expect other long holiday weekends to also bring surges in your pet sitting schedule. You have the pleasure of a flexible schedule and a pleasant occupation all year long. The pressure of holiday business means your customers need you on hand. Notify the manager immediately once you decide to take a vacation. Even if you are doing a day trip nearby and will not be available for pet sitting, we need to be notified about this. IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE NOTIFICATION THAT YOU ARE UNAVAILABLE TO PET SIT, WE WILL ASSUME THAT YOU ARE AVAILABLE AND ASSIGN PET SITS TO YOU.

Once you planned a vacation to be out of town, we will arrange for another pet sitter to take over your clients. We need to know about this as far in advance as possible, so we have enough time to make this arrangement. Some clients may want to meet the back up pet sitter before they travel. ALL keys need to be passed to the back up sitter, even the ones that haven’t scheduled the pet sitting. As you know, sometimes we receive 6 hour notice before the pet sits, so it’s essential that we have all of the keys to accommodate those clients.

Before leaving town, make sure to go over all your clients entered in the system. Is all their information updated? Did you write down a new alarm code on the paper file but haven’t updated it in the system yet? Do all the pets have feeding instructions entered? You don’t want to be receiving work related phone calls while vacationing with your family!! It’s a good idea to talk to your backup sitter in person and give them some “inside scoop” on pets and clients.

When planning a vacation, we can tell you that some months are busier than the others. February, April, and October are the slowest months of the business. November and December constitute 30% of all pet sits we do throughout a year. March is extremely busy during Spring Break. May through August is the traditional time for summer vacations, and we steadily have a lot of business during those months.

We are always very flexible with our employees when it comes to time off. We will respect your need for time off and try our best to accommodate you with a backup sitter. However, you need to keep in mind that customers don’t like too many different people taking care of their pets. But we also want you to have an opportunity to take time off and relax. We want you to go out of town!!! You work very hard to keep the pets safe and healthy, and you deserve a break! A good balance between your own vacations and pet sitting is the key.


Go to PROFILE,  scroll down to TIME OFF and enter the dates needed.  You’ll receive an email confirmation, and so will the office.