NOTE:  Visits will show up in your timesheet only if they have been checked off as “completed”.


You work 1st-15th of the month.  Your timesheet is due by the 20th of that month.  Your direct deposit will post on the 30th (or 31st) of that month.

You work 16th-30th of the month.  Your timesheet is due by the 5th of the following month.  Your direct deposit will post on the 15th of the following month.

SURCHARGES (on Timesheets, to be entered under “Other Fees”)

12-24 hr notice: $5

6-12 hr notice: $7

1-6 hr notice: $10

0-1 hr notice: $15

Holidays $5 (Applies to each visit on a holiday)

Medication*: $1 (Flat fee, not per pill and not per pet)

Shots: $1

Mileage: $1 per mile over 5 (Not doubled for round trip)

* All medications include pills, vitamins, supplements, ear drops, skin ointment, etc.

** Pet sitter is responsible to fill out pet medication field(s) in PetSitConnect.


Click on Submit Timesheet

Enter Start Date and End Date (start date will always be either the 1st or the 16th, and end date will be either the 15th or the 30th (or 31st). ******* Make sure you manually change the dates each time you submit a timesheet – it sometimes pre-fills incorrect dates and once you submit it, it’s irreversible.

Click Submit

The rate is already pre-filled – please check and make sure it’s correct. You may sometimes need to change it if your rate increased.

Make sure to add any tips, reimbursable expenses or holiday surcharges owed to you under “Other” on the bottom of the sheet.