To view the customer’s info, click on Print.  It will show you how much info has been already entered.  Sometimes clients enter everything themselves and all you have to do is just add missing info or answer additional questions for clarification purposes… Sometimes they don’t enter anything, so you’ll need to go down the list and enter the info for them while asking them questions.

To enter customer’s info, click on Edit button. Add the remaining info, fill out credit card info, click “Submit”.  It is ok to give clients an option to enter their credit card themselves, or wait to receive an email from the office with the link to enter credit card directly into our database.

Add New Pets and add as many pets as the client has, and then click on Submit for Scheduling. Specify times of am, midday, pm or other visits, check the visits and start adding dates by adding rows if needed.

The manager will review this queue every day, and will move the clients from the new client queue into your schedule.