Welcome to Paw Valet, Inc.!

Welcome to our team! We are so excited to have you onboard! Our goal is to set up the best schedule for you to manage between your work, school, and personal lives!  Please do communicate with us whenever it doesn’t feel like a good match, and we’ll work hard to adjust your client list and your schedule to accommodate you!  We want you with us long term, and we are committed to fine tuning your locations and assignments.

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT NEW HIRE PAPERWORK. You can just email those to us! The sooner we get them, the sooner you can start getting new clients in your area.

Overview of the pet sitting position with Paw Valet, Inc:

  1. We are a pet sitting company. Most of our customers have dogs and cats, no medical needs, and no behavioral problems. Our pet sitters go and meet with clients before committing to the assignments, making sure they are comfortable with pets and their routines.
  2. We’ve been in business since 2003, and we now have over 200 employees servicing over 7000 pet owners in the Dallas Fort Worth and Houston areas.
  3. This job is part time, as needed, and is very flexible.
  4. Once a pet owner contacts us, we first ask the closest pet sitter on the map if they are interested. If they are not available, we just move on to the second closest pet sitter.  We assign all jobs within 5 miles from where the pet sitters live.
  5. Once you are interested and available to take a client, you go and meet with the client, get acquainted with the routine and pets, and get their key.  You become that client’s primary pet sitter.  If they travel again in the future, you will be notified and you’ll be pet sitting them again if  you are available.  If you need a backup, we’ll have you drop off all keys with a backup pet sitter, they will take care of your clients, and then you get all your clients’ keys back once you return and are ready to pet sit again.
  6. Our schedule is managed on a web based calendar where you log in, view clients’ info, and review your upcoming schedule which has already been communicated with you either by phone or text.  As you pet sit, you check visits off as completed – that’s how we know everything is going well.
  7. You submit your timesheets twice a month and get paid twice a month based on how many visits you completed during each pay period.
  8. You get paid for client meetings, key pickup/drop off trips, and whether we collect the payment from the client or not.
  9. You are covered by our company’s liability insurance.
  10. This is an employee position.  We deduct taxes from your paychecks and pay your Social Security and Medicare taxes for you, and we provide you with a W2 form at the end of the year.