Your Pets Get Lonely Just Like You

We can all agree that pets are like members of the family. However, the only difference is that your pets likely stay at home all day while you and other members of your family are away at work or school. This leaves many pet parents wondering just how lonely their furry pals get when they’re not around. Well, believe it or not, pets do indeed get quite lonely when they are left at home by themselves.

There have been a number of studies performed by experts regarding the behavior of dogs when their owners are not around, and the results are astonishing! Most of these studies have concluded that pets do indeed have feelings and emotions. When left alone, they are prone to emotional distress, separation anxiety and other emotionally taxing symptoms.

While separation anxiety is more common among dogs, some cats are known to also become stressed when their owners are away. Some felines will sit at the window awaiting your arrival, but others don’t seem to care all that much. It really comes down to how much socializing your pet had at an early age.

For shorter stretches of time, when you can’t be there for your pet or you haven’t scheduled a professional pet sitter to keep them company, interactive electronic toys do a good job of engaging your pup. They even mimic the human interactions your dog is used to. You could also look at getting your four-legged best friend a new friend to play with when you are taking care of your daily business. He or she might really enjoy the company and playfulness of a new house mate. Additional pets also make potty training and the like much easier since they will watch the other dog’s behavior and mimic it.

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