Paw Valet Pet Sitting Services Emergencies

If our pet sitter has an emergency, and you have NOT left town yet:

Our step #1 is to notify our customer as soon as we find out that their primary sitter can’t accommodate the dates and times of the services needed.  We will explain to our customer what happened, why we can’t have the primary sitter do the job, and will offer a backup sitter.  We will give you the pet sitter’s name and background info, and will offer to set up a meeting with the backup sitter before your trip, at no charge, of course.  If you can’t meet with the new sitter, we’ll offer to schedule a phone meeting or a file review to make sure the backup pet sitter doesn’t have any questions.

If our pet sitter has an emergency AFTER you have already left town:

Our step #1 is to immediately notify you of what happened.  By then, we’ll have a back up pet sitter lined up for you, and we’ll offer to schedule a phone meeting with the backup sitter, if needed.  We also offer text or phone updates at all times during our services, and give you an option to not use our backup pet sitter and use your own personal emergency backup plan if you have one in place.  We can meet with your friend or family member at pass your key to them at your request.  Or we can continue our scheduled services with the backup pet sitter and keep you up to date with how the pets are doing.  We will work with you to accommodate the best option that works for you and your pets.  We will NEVER send a backup pet sitter to your home without your verbal or written permission to do so.