Pet Sitting And Dog Walking Rates and Services

New Client Meetings – $0, NO OBLIGATION TO SIGN UP

Walk me! Dog Walking Rates and ServicesWe are more than happy to provide new client meetings for free to anyone considering using our services. Happy clients make us happy! We want our clients to feel good about the person they are leaving their pets with. Just let us know the dates and times when it’s convenient for you to meet with your pet sitter, and we’ll arrange it right away! We stand by our quality of pet care, and we want to make it a risk-free experience for you. To learn more about our process of getting signed up, payment policies, reservations, etc, please visit our Get Started page.

Pet Sitting and/or Dog Walking (morning visits as early as 6 am, evening visits no later than 9 pm) – $20 per visit

  • $20 rate is for 1 pet. Add $2 per each additional pet.
  • Visits are 25-30 minutes long. Add $9 per each additional 15-minute time increment.
  • Medicine surcharge: $2 per visit
  • $10 surcharge: reservations within 24 hours.
  • $20 surcharge: reservations within 6 hours.
  • $20 cancellation fee: cancellations within 24 hours.
  • $4 surcharge: stand-alone visits
  • $9 holiday surcharge: visits during major national holidays.

Weekly Mid-Day Dog Walking Discounted Service – $17 per visit

  • This discounted rate is for a minimum of 5 walks per week, scheduled on an on-going weekly basis for midday potty breaks.
  • This rate is for 1 pet. Add $2 for each additional pet.
  • Each walk is 25-30 minutes. Add $9 for each additional 15-minute time increment.

Pet Taxi – $20 per 30-minute time increment

House Checks (no pets) – $18 per visit


The easiest way to manage keys is to let us keep it on file, labeled and secured. That way, all repeat reservations are easy: all you do is give us the dates, and your pet sitter is set. However, we are also flexible: if you prefer, you can provide us with a lockbox (at your expense), or we can pick up your key each time before you travel (at the rate of $15 per trip) and then drop it off with you after you return. We are happy to do whatever it takes to accommodate you and make your pet(s) as comfortable as possible. The initial key pick up usually happens during the new client meeting, which is free of charge.