Does Nutrition and Exercise Affect the Happiness of Our Pets?

Did you know that your pet’s nutrition and the amount of daily exercise he or she gets can have a drastic impact on his or her happiness? As a matter of fact, this is totally true. Here is a look at how nutrition and exercise can affect the happiness of your pet.


Similar to humans, a pet’s diet can make a big difference when it comes to his or her health. For starters, a pet who has been fed a lean diet is more inclined to live a longer, healthier life than a pet who is fed food that substantially lacks nutrients and vitamins. Guaranteeing your pet maintains a proper diet is also key to preventing pet obesity and complications due to excess weight. To make sure your pet receives adequate nutrition, we recommend you ask your vet for dietary suggestions. He or she should be able to point you in the right direction.


Exercise for PetsAgain, just like humans, pets need to get regular exercise in order to stay happy and healthy. This is why you should make it a point to exercise your pet on a daily basis. Take your pet for a walk when you get home, engage him or her with a new toy or head out to play fetch in the backyard. If you opt to get physical with your pet, you’ll be knocking out two birds with one stone. You’ll be getting in some exercise and so will your pet!

A nutritious diet and daily exercise will have your pet living the most fulfilling life possible, thus prolonging the time you get to spend with him or her. So, we urge you to be a responsible pet parent and do what you can to ensure your pet is well taken care of.

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