Get Started With Paw Valet Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Step 1 – Submitting Information and Setting Up the Initial Interview

You can call, email or use our Contact Us page to submit your information online.  We will review your pet sitting needs and your location and will match you with a pet sitter who lives in your area and is available for the dates you specify.  You will receive detailed information about your pet sitter and our services by email, usually within just a few minutes of your request.

The pet sitter assigned to you will become “your” sitter. She/he will be the only person that has access to your home and your pets, and will accommodate all future pet sitting needs.  Our goal is to assign you an employee who lives in your area, has availability in their own schedule to follow your pets’ routine, and will form a long-lasting relationship with you and your pets.  This interview is free of charge and usually takes approximately 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Initial Interview

Once we find a pet sitter and arrange a meeting, we will send out a confirmation email verifying your time and date of the meeting and who you are meeting with.  That email will contain a link that will take you to a form where you can submit your pets’ names, feeding instructions, and specifics of their routine.

Ideally you’ll have this information filled out before your pet sitter arrives to your interview, but if you are too busy, we can have the pet sitter do it for you during the meeting.  We are here to accommodate you and make it as easy for you as possible! 🙂  You can also give your pet sitter your credit card during that meeting, or use the link to submit it online.  We will not process any payments until you are back home and are happy with the service.

In addition to pet care, we are happy to pick up your mail, bring in newspapers, water plants, alternate lights, etc.

The key is picked up during the initial visit.  Neither your name nor address is listed on the key label and it is kept in a secured, locked place between services.

Step 3 – Service Confirmation Emails

Once the meeting is finished, we email you a confirmation listing all visits, dates, times and charges.  We ask all our clients to review the confirmation email as soon as possible to ensure all information is correct.  You will receive another email and also a phone confirmation a day before your scheduled visit.

Step 4 – Payment

We process your credit card a day after the last visit of the service.  We want to give you enough time to get home, check everything out, and make sure you are happy with the service.  Paw Valet offers a 100% money back guarantee. We ask our customers to submit a survey after each service so that we know how we are doing.  We review each and every one of them!!  Your feedback is essential to us and we appreciate your taking your time!!

Step 5 – Repeat Customer Reservations

This is easy: our preference is for you to use our Online Service Request form or you can email or call us, too.  We ask that you give us 24 hours advance notice, but we are equipped to accommodate short notice reservations.  Because we use only local pet sitters (within 5 miles from each assignment), we can accommodate most of these requests.  We are so proud of our team of employees, and are happy to offer this unique service to our customers.  🙂


Our business doesn’t require us to carry insurance, but we can’t imagine operating without it!  Paw Valet Pet Sitting and Dog Walking carries insurance and bonding policies on all our employees (and we never use independent contractors).  We are also transparent about our coverage. Feel free to call our insurance provider directly and verify our coverage and ask any questions: Business Insurers of the Carolinas, 1-800-962-4611. Our Certificate # is USA 841177-03739-44.