Free pet sitting visit to everyone who participates in our anniversary contest!

Receive one free pet sitting visit from a local Houston pet sitter AND share your story with us!  “What would you tell your pet(s) if you had 30 seconds where they could understand you?”

Cute puppy waiting on a dog walker for his free visit

Paw Valet, Inc., a Houston-based pet sitting company, is celebrating our 1-year anniversary this month! We would like to award one free pet sitting visit to each and every pet owner who lives in Houston and would like to participate in this fun and thought-provoking contest.

Imagine if you had an opportunity to spend 30 seconds with your pet telling them anything you want to tell them. Imagine if your pet(s) could understand each and every single word you are saying! What would you tell them? How would you spend these 30 seconds?

Please email us at what you’d tell them, and of course include a picture of your precious baby(ies). We can’t wait to meet you!

Please know, Paw Valet uses employees, not subcontractors. We pre-screen and train pet lovers, and send them to homes in their immediate neighborhoods. We have a manager or owner on call 24/7 to answer any questions or address any problems. We have been operating hand-in-hand with our Dallas pet sitting company that has been servicing Dallas Fort Worth metroplex since 2003.  We’ve learned a lot from them! We are so honored to be trusted by our Houston customers. We LOVE doing what we do, and we are thankful that you are considering giving us an opportunity to care for your most precious fur-babies!

Yours “drooly”,


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