10 Ways You Can Tell Your Pet Needs More Exercise

Think your pet is getting enough exercise? Well, think again! Most domesticated pets are not getting anywhere near the recommended amount of daily exercise, especially if they live in an urban or suburban environment. Curious if your pet is getting enough cardio? Check out the 10 ways you can tell your pet is in need of more exercise.

  1. Weight Gain
    If you can’t easily locate your pet’s ribs by gently rubbing his or her side, this could mean he or she is overweight and needs to get more exercise.
  2. Laziness
    If your pet is sluggish, lazy and lethargic, this could also mean he or she needs to get out more.
  3. Heavy Breathing
    Pets that are easily winded are more than likely in need of consistent exercise to maintain their stamina.
  4. Prone to Exhaustion
    If your pet gets completely worn out after a game of fetch or a quick hike, this could be a sign he or she needs more exercise.
  5. Restless Sleep
    Pets who don’t get enough sleep are also believed to be lacking the proper amount of physical activity.
  6. Joint Pain
    Pets afflicted with joint ailments have proven to benefit from an increased level of exercise.
  7. Patchy Fur
    If your pet suffers from hair loss, this could indicate that he or she should be exercising more regularly.
  8. Itchy Skin
    Pets with problem skin can benefit from an increased activity level so that toxins can be released from his or her body.
  9. Destructive Behavior
    Experts claim that pets who chew things or tear things up are just acting out because they need more exercise.
  10. Disobedience
    Pets who purposefully disobey their owners or trainers are also commonly acting out because they are in need of extra daily exercise.

Does your pet need more exercise? If so, it’s time to get out and get active with your precious pet!

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